ONanON wants to help you talk and listen to the people most important to you in a new way. Push past mundane 'how's the weather' conversations and share stories, jokes, and beliefs the way real people share real stories: verbally, personally, and privately.


Social media has parsed relationships and conversations down into mass-distributed blurbs built for maximum likes. We want to shift conversation away from the babble of social media in a fun new way. 

ONanON uses thousands of prompts ranging from off-the-wall to insightful to push conversation out of your comfort zone, but it still lets you choose what to share. Pick the topics that your friends choose from. Pick the topic of the story you tell. Don't talk about the weather. 

Stay in touch with old friends in a personal way. Learn more about new friends. Better understand your family. Start hearing and telling new stories today.


ONanON was recently reviewed by App-Liv!