All stories uploaded to ONanON are only accessible by those people in the conversation group at the time that the story was recorded. The full intention and mission of ONanON is to ensure that you know exactly who hears your story and that you have control over how it gets shared. 

We at ONanON do not monitor or listen to the stories uploaded to our servers, and will only ever check the stories that have been submitted in the event of some technical error or glitch. In this case, we would only by checking the files for technical problems and not the content itself.

That said, all stories are stored as unencrypted audio files using a cloud storage service. Only registered users with valid credentials should have access to this storage location, but since the internet is the internet we cannot guarantee that your stories will not be access via some sort of malicious action by a third party or inadvertent bug on our end. We'll do everything that we can to keep this from happening!